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It is very important to remember that a broken appliance prolongs the treatment time. Should anything break, please schedule an emergency appointment as soon as possible.

Holiday emergencies tips:

  • Avoid hard or sticky foods that can cause damage to your appliances.

  •  Place a piece of wax on any part of your appliance that is hurting or scratching

  • If a wire is poking or cutting your gums, consult a nearby dentist or orthodontist to relieve pain. If a bracket is broken and still attached to the wire, but isn't causing pain or discomfort, just schedule an emergency appointment.

  • Place a piece of wax over the loose bracket, if causing discomfort. Remember to take extra wax. Wax is a emergency remedy, until you can schedule a appointment

  • Use the flat end of a pencil or rear end of a matchstick, to flatten any protruding ligature wire.

  •  A painkiller with anti-inflammatory agents can be used to ease pain.  Use an ointment to cover mouth ulcers, caused by your appliance or rinse with salt water.