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Mouth Rinses

Mouth rinsing is a supra-gingival procedure. It is very important to understand that mouth rinsing is not a substitute for mechanical plaque removal. The limitations of a mouth rinse should be clearly understood. A mouth rinse DOES NOT remove any plaque.


How to rinse:

1. Take a small amount of the fluid into the mouth.
2. Close lips; hold teeth slightly apart.
3. Force the fluid through the interdental areas with pressure.
4. Use the lips, cheeks, and tongue action to force the fluid back and forth between the teeth.
5. Balloon the cheeks, then suck them in, alternately several times.
6. Expectorate or swallow according to directions.

Don't swallow a mouth rinse.


You can even prepare your own saline solution at home:

½ teaspoon of salt
½ teaspoon of bicarbonate soda
1   glass warm water

Rinse two times a day for one week.  Thereafter only rinse with saltwater (no bicarbonate soda)