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What about my face can be changed by Orthodontics?

Orthodontics in conjunction with Orthognathic surgery enables the Orthodontist to correct deviations present in the relationships the upper jaw, lower jaw and middle of the face have with each other.  This is most commonly seen as bringing the lower jaw forward if this jaw’s growth has been deficient in comparison with the upper jaw, or bringing the lower jaw backward if it’s growth has been excessive in comparison to the upper jaw.

Any jaw movement can be performed in order to correct the underlying skeletal deviation.  Discuss this in depth with your Orthodontist.

Jaw surgery, or Orthognathic surgery is performed by a Maxillo-facial and Oral surgeon, and is preceded by Orthodontic treatment in order to increase the stability of the surgery.  After the surgery, the final movements of the teeth are done in order to get the optimal result.