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FIRST CONSULTATION: (first appointment)

This initial appointment is to establish whether orthodontic treatment is necessary. An appointment may be made personally or your family dentist may contact the practice. If the patient is a minor the presence of a parent or guardian is essential. This appointment will give you an idea of the orthodontic problems and we shall discuss possible methods of treatment. Please feel free to ask any questions.

(second appointment)

Orthodontic treatment affects the position of the teeth, the growth pattern of the face and as a result the appearance and facial balance of the patient. The most appropriate advice regarding your orthodontic treatment , can only be attained after a thorough investigation into the patient’s individual tooth, facial and growth characteristics. This is done with diagnostic x-rays, plaster models of the teeth and facial photographs. Different treatment alternatives can then be formulated. Many of our patients receive treatment when they are still growing. The x-rays and models are therefore valid for 6 months only. This may also be done during the first consultation appointment if time permits.

(third appointment)

This is in our opinion the most important appointment, as it gives us an opportunity to determine what all the involved parties are striving for. The possibilities of treatment and the associated problems of different methods of treatment and different treatment mechanics will be discussed in depth. A choice of treatment must then be made according to the individual patient’s needs and abilities. Cost of treatment will be discussed and a method of payment can be arranged. A detailed quotation with the relevant information to claim re-imbursement by your medical aid will be supplied following this appointment.

Please use the opportunity to discuss your individual needs.

If the patient is a minor the presence of a parent or guardian is essential.

Following all the above appointments, can we arrange to continue with your treatment.

(fourth appointment)

This appointment is the start of your orthodontic journey.

The placing of the different appliances and treatment techniques will determine the duration of this appointment.


Appliance adjustment appointments are usually scheduled at 6 to 8 week intervals.

This time interval also depends on the type of appliance you have chosen.


After completion of the orthodontic treatment, an appointment to remove the appliances will be followed by an observation period to retain the achieved results. The success of retention depends on the patient’s vigilant compliance.