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Tooth Decay




Plaque is a sticky layer that forms on your teeth and is caused by bacteria mixing with saliva. Tooth decay starts when plaque sticks to your teeth and the plaque are not removed. Plaque can change sugar and food into acid, which can cause tooth decay. If tooth decay is left untreated, the whole tooth may become infected, which will result in a severe treatment plan.


Preventing tooth decay:
  • Visit your dentist and oral hygienist at least twice a year
  • Brush your teeth at least two times a day
  • Use dental floss to clean in between your teeth
  • Eat foods that have lots of vitamins and minerals
  • Use a good toothpaste which contains fluoride
  • Try to limit the amount of sweet or sticky foods, fizzy drinks and fruit juices
  • Some medicines can decrease the amount of saliva your body makes. This may put  you at greater risk for tooth decay. Drink plenty of water.
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