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Are there any responsibilities that a patient undergoing Orthodontic treatment has to remember?

There are a number of responsibilities that the patient has to remember in order to enable your Orthodontist to give you the best treatment result possible

  • Impeccable oral hygiene is non-negotiable during treatment.  Inadequate oral hygiene may necessitate the early removal of appliances, in order to prevent any irreversible damage to your dentition.

  • Religious use of your anchorage devices and elastics, if provided by your Orthodontist.  The use of these devices will enable your Orthodontist to make your treatment time as short as possible.

  • Honour all appointments religiously.  By lengthening the time between treatment appointments the rate of tooth movement becomes suboptimal, that may influence treatment time negatively in the long run.

  • Retainer wear following treatment maintains your result.